20 January 2007

How To Work Miracles With A White Linen Jacket

As I have previously hinted at, a gorgeous white linen jacket don't mix well with a fresh raspberry cocktail. I mistaken tried to get the stain out with hot water as it was on the edge of the jacket near the buttons. Whilst the red dye has disappeared there remains a large water stain. Despite the best efforts of my dry cleaner, and considerable expense, the water stain could not be shifted. I wonder whether a dry fruit stain would have been shifted by dry cleaning methods anyway. With nothing to lose I took drastic action. I put my dry clean jacket in the washing machine on the lightest setting (for pure new wool) followed by a light spin. As it was the only thing in there I decided against washing power/liquid and instead used one scoop of the all-signing all-dancing Oxi-Clean (or whatever brand of powdered oxygen you can find). One night drying on a hanger over the bath and the jacket is spotless! Granted it will take a hell of a job with a powerful steam iron (that lets me steam vertically) to straighten it out but at least it's clean and lives to fight another day. Roll on the next night of fun!