1 January 2007

Happy New Year To All You Bond Lovers!

Before we get bored with the excessive use of 007, let me just wish you all a happy New Year. I had a great time on Hogmanay, enjoying a meal and entertainment in The Scotsman Hotel on North Bridge. Not cheap, but as word came at 9pm that the Street Party had been cancelled we were enjoying our wise investment even more! It was so windy outside I couldn't stand to take a picture. Back in the warmth the stairs from the Brasserie to the toilets are full of Gothic splendour. I felt a bit like a spy sneaking around capturing pictures. Oh yes, I had my white linen jacket on. I'm starting to get tired of the amount of women grabbing me up to dance when Staying Alive comes on! I've also learnt that fresh raspberries don't mix well with white linen.
Back outside there was a building problem. When you tell thousands of people to leave Princes Street but still put the fireworks on then the are going to congregate in the nearest large area, namely North Bridge where there are no tickets needed! On the other hand we had a piper play in the New Year and then the Frank Sinatra impersonator (when he was alive) came back out before the disco finished off the evening. When the evening ended at 2am we were still on hold for a taxi. In the end it arrived at 3:05am and we were sitting in front of a roaring real fire on comfortable sofas. If we had been anywhere else other than a hotel we'd have been kicked out on the street long ago. At least I've given something back to the hotel - the cocktail expert there now knows how to make a Swamp Thing!

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