23 December 2006

Who Makes Money Out Of Sandwich Shoppers?

Going shopping two days before Christmas - I must be mad! To be fair it was quite quiet in the nearby Asda, well about as busy as a normal Saturday if you ignore all the rollers (large gold cages) on the shop floor. I was standing at the sandwich chiller, waiting for my father when I noticed these mini bottles of Fanta. Only 250ml, obviously for people who think the extra 80mls is too much for them. Cans come in at 40 -60p, depending on where you get them from and these mini bottles are available in multi-packs on the shop floor for around £2. So how much are they? 69p each. That's £5.52 for 2 litres, the same two litres that are on sale for £1.14 in one bottle. Even the 500ml bottles are only 89p and they are extortionate themselves! Just because Asda has won The Grocer's Cheapest Supermarket award for the past seven years doesn't mean everything in the store is good value for money.

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