24 December 2006

What Has Romania Ever Given Us?

Fear, pain and suffering. Now in return they get to come to the UK as part of the even bigger and better (or new and improved, either way they are both oxymorons) EU come January 1st. I refer of course, in no particular order, to Vlad Dracula, Michael Howard and The Cheeky Girls. Anne Widdecombe has tried to combine the first two ("there's something of the night about him")and lots of men have dreamed about combining the last two, probably in cream (I wonder if that includes Lembit Opik, current boyfriend of Cheeky Girl A?). You know, I actually like all three major exports from Romania (well, I tolerated one song from The Cheeky Girls) so I don't think that's a bad return. I wonder which Premiership team will be the first to bring in Romanians or Bulgarians now they won't need a work permit. My money's on Portsmouth or Reading. Oh yeah, Happy Christmas!

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