25 December 2006

Please Clean Up All The Christmas Rubbish on TV

Sigh. Why am I paying >£100 to fund such rubbish on TV. Yes, Planet Earth was great but the quality of the comedy on the BBC is appalling. The writing on The Green Green Grass is dire, as too is the acting. At least David Jason saved some of the poor writing in OFAH by his acting. With the second lead male in TGGG being the original Kryten in Red Dwarf who failed to be recalled when the character was made permanent. More catchphrase comedy from Little Talented Britain this evening, preceded by the resurrected from the dead Vicar of Dibley. A wasted Christmas special a few years ago trying to make a clever point but failing finally killed the show off. Dragging their remains back to the screen tonight involves the Vicar being head of heals in love with a beautiful stranger. Hmmm. Isn't that the Christmas special from about 8 years ago? In addition, doesn't this make a mockery of the final show closing with an appeal to help people starving in Africa? The only plus side is that these three shows are not repeats.

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