15 December 2006

No Smiling at your Christmas Meal - By Order of the Management

We've just received an email: "Dear Guests, Thank you for booking your Christmas Party at Le Monde. We would like to take this opportunity to lay down a few ground rules. No fancy dress; no party hats; no poppers or indoor sparklers; no laughing and no smiling. Actually if you could keep the noise down as well, imagine you are in a library. Other than that have a great night, especially as we are overcharging you so much for a mass produced meal of rather unexceptional quality". Hah, that's where I've outsmarted them! £30 for pumpkin soup, turkey and a chocolate cake? I think not. I've order from the A La Carte menu and gone with Haggis and Clapshot parcel with Whisky sauce (£4.95); Lamb Rump with mustard mash and spicy lentil veg (12.95) and Sticky Toffee Pudding (£4.50) - All for less than £23! Even if I had of gone with the Duck Breast for £14.95 it still would have come in over a fiver cheaper than the mass produced Christmas menu. Now that's eating smart.

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