5 December 2006

The Best Birthday Present Ever!

Okay, there are still a few days left until my birthday but I've just received a present through the post and I am so grateful with my great friend who got it for me (take a bow Donald). Having heard me rave about a copy of Private Eye I bought for my flight down to London a few months ago (to see him), he went out and got me a subscription. I cannot tell you how good the journalism is in this magazine. Political, legal, business or even health - everything gets scrutinised with effort and intelligence. Of course there are some fantastic jokes and cartoons inside as well as some great satire. Highlights from this issue include Blair saying to Putin "We need a replacement for Trident" and Putin replying "Have you considered Sushi?" as well as the Christmas Special Gnome Mart Mail Order section offering Microwave Ping-Tones: "Fed up with the same old boring Ping when you M&S Individual Fish Pie is done? Download a whole host of new Ping-tones to liven up cooking. Includes Nokia Ring tone, X and Crazy Frog". Do yourself a favour, open your mind from the megalomaniac controlled daily papers and read something stimulating. On the other hand just turn to the back page and read the "Eye Need" section where people is desperate situations beg for help. The most contrasting two this issue are "Forces - Iraq / Veteran: £22k needed to clear debt ex-wife left! Help deeply appreciated" and a few inches further down "Beautiful student yearns for benefactor for sophisticated wardrobe".

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