11 December 2006

Advertising for foreigners - okay. Aliens? No way!

I've mentioned before that shops have started to advertise that they stock Polish brands - nothing wrong with that. Advertising on buses in Polish on websites to help you buy a place is a bit much. This morning I have noticed they are now running adverts for people from parallel universes, the ones where everything is a mirror image. You can see from the correctly assembled one on the left (as you look), the Magners is on the right and the message reads "The magic of a little ice". On the left there is tree with holes in the plastic so the light can shine through from the back to back it look like ice. The incorrectly assembled billboard is actually white during the day. It's only a night when the lights are on behind it and the sky is so dark that you can see through the plastic and read the reverse image. Some one needs sacking for managing but put up a huge advert backwards, not noticing that is entirely white.

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