11 November 2006

Woolies - *THE* Place For Sale Bargains

Over the years Woolworths has had some great household items on sale. I don't care about the kids clothes, I get annoyed about Bratz and I worry about the intelligence of their staff. But without them I wouldn't have some of my favourite items. Most of the year they have 50% off sales on the kind of gadgets I like to buy. I doubt somehow that I will be wowed by the discount they have on these digital bathroom scales. The time and money gone into creating and printing a barker card (those big flappy thing that stick out from the shelf edge) and paying someone to place it on the shopfloor has to be more than the sale discount, surely!

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  1. [...] Forget DFS - you know that company who brag about how great their sales are but never both talking about the quality of their sofas – there are new kings in town! Everyone loves a sale, especially me. So as I’m hunting around for some bargains, I came across this rather sweet looking jewelry box in BHS that was in a sale from a different universe. Not to be out done I was in Woolies a few hours later and they came up with an even bigger ‘discount’. I think I prefer Woolies’ previous attempts at a sale. [...]