14 November 2006

Tick tick tick tick ... Kup-dom! A Different Type of Housing Boom!

Everyone in Edinburgh and indeed most of the UK acknowledges that there is a boom in the number of people coming over from Poland to live and work here. I have no problem with the influx of Polish people to Edinburgh and the UK in general, however the language of this country is English. There are now adverts appearing on buses in Polish (about buying houses). If you can't read that sign in English then you are not at the level to be working in this country. (Just to point out though, every Polish person I have met so far has exceptional English.) Maybe the sign has a secret code that is only meant to be read by Polish people. Now hold on, that sounds like something a crazy right wing nazi totalitarianism like David Blunkett or John Reid would say before locking up all foreigners. Have you noticed that of the last year Home Secretarys, Charles Clarke is the distinct odd man out. Blunkett is See No Evil, Clarke was supposed to be Hear No Evil and Reid is Speak No Evil (as no one can understand him). Instead of fitting in Charles Clarke had to end up being Hear All Evil, even stuff that wasn't there or plans being plotted by mice, his supersonic ears didn't care.

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