17 November 2006

All Smash, No Grab

Bastards. They did it again. It seems overnight someone has broken in to our car again, but this time taken nothing. Six weeks ago someone broke in and took everything of minor value, including £2 in silver change. This time the thief seems to have only been interested in the Sat Nav that they mistakenly believed would be in the car. I (stupidly) left the holder mounted on the dashboard which tipped them off. That said the Evening News have just run a story this week saying that there is a mini crime-wave in Edinburgh as regards stealing Sat Navs and they even look for suction marks on the windscreen. They came prepared and forced open the locked glove box (as you are not insured unless there are signs of forced entry including the glovebox) and left everything in it untouched. From now on I'm only going to keep gloves in there.