8 October 2006

Two Dozen Doughnuts Not For My Caped Colleagues

What a guy I am! 24 Krispy Kreme Doughnuts bought for my coleagues back in Edinburgh, from Harrods, out of the kindness out of my heart. What's that Donald? I can't carry these on the plane in case I use them to take over the plane (will the huge sugar intake give me super human powers or can I force feed them to the pilot until he throws up?). Hmmm. Oh well, no doughnuts for my colleagues. You can't buy these north of Birmingham. I was impressed at the american company for having 'doughnuts' everywhere rather than 'do'nuts'. I did have one thought though. As you can see here, Donald is currently ordering and is tempted by their coffee sign above his head. Why not re-brand themselves Krispy Kreme Kafe? I think I'll write to their head-office and suggest that...

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