14 October 2006

This Isn't the Original Magners, It's a Poor Imitation!

Standing at the Pleasance Bar this year on the opening night I asked the bar man if they had any Magners. They had sponsored several venues in 2005 and they have four big adverts at Haymarket stating "Time dedicated to the Festival". The bar man replied, "er, no. We have Bulmers which is the same thing, just a different name". "Noooo!", I screamed. Magners is called 'Bulmers Original Irish Cider' only within Ireland. For 12 years the English Bulmers and Irish Bulmers were a partnership. That ended over fifty years ago. The 'Bulmers Original Cider' sold in the UK, notice the lack of the word 'Irish', is a nasty chemically tasting cider made by 'our friends' at Scottish & Newcastle (long story, ask Sean Olivier or Steve Lorriman about it one day). It's from the same makers of Strongbow and Scrumy Jack, both poor ciders (although Strongbow Sirrus is actually quite respectable). So when you see Tesco's finally selling Bulmers - don't buy it! It's not the original Magners it's just a cheap imitation. Likewise when you see adverts on the tube trying to push "the original" you will no longer be fooled. It's Magners everywhere on Earth, except in Ireland.

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