9 October 2006

London In Irractic Pieces

Living out on the DLR in Limehouse is pretty cool. There is a nice waterside bar called Narrow Street that has apparently been purchased by Gordon Ramsay. They sell Indian wine in there and you know what, it's actually pretty good. Very reminiscent of a light Portugese wine. It tastes even better when the give you a second bottle free for messing up your food order! It must be nice living near the canal with barges drifting by through locks. Then again, maybe not. I wonder if you can spot the tourist in this picture? If only those gates could speak, they'd probably say 'why is there an Irish chain pub in the middle of China Town'? At least the ducks seem happy (and the Canadian Geese). Did you know there are only mallards in this picture? Behold, an honest representation of everything else going on in London.

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