10 October 2006

Ice is Back with a Brand New Invention

What am I taking about? Ice. Ice. (Baby). We spent the weekend in London with some very good friends. As an enticement for me to visit him, Donald suggested we go to drink in the Ice Bar. It worked. I was down their like a flash. Saturday afternoon, £12 per head in cash, we were queueing up for the Absolut Icebar London. With a refill cocktail at £6, a soft cocktail at £3 and a replacement glass at £4, you could be forgiven for thinking I would be shocked by the costs (£48 for four of us to get in but we did get a free Absolut cocktail each). Be prepared to be shocked. It is the most impressive bar I've ever been in! I even resisted the gag of saying it was the coolest bar I've ever been in. Everything in the bar, except the menu; metal floor; projector & screen and of course Absolut Vodka, was made out of ice! The first page of pictures gives you a good feel for the place, now just imagine being there at a constant -5°ree;C. The second page of pictures however is not for the faint-hearted. You find Donald getting rather cosy with an ice bust; me getting my tongue stuck to the wall; Donald doing a damn good impersonation of the scary 'monk' from Da Vinci Code posters; me getting encased in an ice tomb and most importantly, me as chief warlock/priest presiding over my cult. If you are ever in London, make sure you experience it too.

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