7 October 2006

Flying Pigs Spread Diseases And Shouldn't Be Fed.

We are all aware of the pig-eon aren't we? Otherwise known as the feather rat (otherwise known as the un-feathered pigeon). Most people, except for tourists and the mentally unstable (maybe they are one and the same), adhere to the mantra 'do not feed the pigeons'. I have however learnt that the council actually feed the pigeons in Trafalgar Square to keep large numbers coming back. Why? The tourists like them. What the hell, I'll take a few shots of a naive young boy trying to do what Dick Dastardly and Muttley could never do; catch a few in flight a la The Matrix and finally so one of the earlier mentioned people letting one eat out his hand and sit on his head. If you are squeamish and afraid of disease then don't look at the pictures (that means you Eve Fraser).

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