5 October 2006

An Extra 10 - No 5% - off, Then 23% On!

Don't you just love sales in big fashionable department stores. Just like this one starting today in the Scottish Harrod's, Jenner's. Well it was until it was bought by the House of Fraser. Let me break down these figures for you. 50% off - well, the normal selling price is far from a bargain is it? An extra 10% for account card holders - good deal, no? No. You see, that is an extra 10% off the sale price, which is half of what it originally was (at best). So that is an extra 5% off the item for 'store card' holders. That phrase sends shivers down my spine. Surely the reputable House of Fraser wouldn't try to screw over their fashion friendly followers would they? Think again: 23.1% interest. How do the people behind this sleep at night? In large expensive beds *not* bought on credit cards no doubt.

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