20 September 2006

Sex Sells. As Does Humour.

I've just seen two billboard adverts this week that have really made me laugh. It seems some talented individuals have come into advertising and thought "hmm, we need to be creative to sell things". Before I get on to them I want to talk about an Edinburgh restaurant called Voujon. The very same Edinburgh restaurant stuck out in Newington that can afford to advertise across Edinburgh! They are a Bengali & Indian restaurant that has made a big splash by turning their non-city centre location into their advantage. The great advert they have running at the moment says "Our chef flies his spices in from Delhi. And you won't even travel to Newington". Clever. Back to sex and humour. The humour comes courtesy of Burger King's advert for their Whopper: "Eat like a king. Not a clown". Very funny and how the hell has no-one thought of this before in the past fifty years? After that I saw the first Pepsi Max advert. Before I go on I should explain that I much prefer Pepsi (and I have successfully done the blind taste test) and Pepsi Max is pretty good. Using secondary evidence I understand Coke Zero is nothing more that Diet Coke rebranded for men. It is apparently not Coke taste but with no sugar (as Pepsi Max is). That's that sorted then. First we have this one showing a rabbit on the left (at none) and the Playboy Bunny at Max. Not bad and I'm not sure if it really is sex selling. The next day I saw this one - a mouse at the bottom and a fox at max! Nothing short of outrageous!

UPDATED 6.9.24: I nearly crashed my car in laughter at this one! Sadly no picture yet but there was no picture on the scale, just a Pepsi Max can on the right side. One the left it just marked the bottom of the chart. In fact what it actually said was (paraphrasing): "Zero. adj. not any or none, e.g. zero taste". On the right it said "Max. adj. the most or all, e.g. max taste". Coke must be kicking themselves for picking such a easy target for a name.

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