8 September 2006

Naked Women Are Banned For Tall People

I was in Luton Airport biding my time until my flight back to breathable air (Scotland). Wandering around WH Smiths I noticed that the soft core porn mags, Club and Men's World in this particular picture, are wrapped in white plastic so you can't see the back of women in underwear. That is quite responsible, especially as we don't want very tall boys looking at the back of women. Not getting any tittilation from that I dropped my gaze to a lower shelf, much more accessible for children of all heights. It's a good job that 'lad's mags' such as Loaded, FHM and Maxim don't go one further and show side-boobs or even fully-exposed breasts only covered by a little bit of hair or another girl's arm. Somebody please explain the thinking here, or lack of it. Don't make me agree with a Labour MP's private member's bill.

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