4 September 2006

London Calling And You'll Get A 1970s Room

I'm down in London at the moment and the first thing I noticed is that it took the same time to fly from Edinburgh to "London" Luton as it did to disembark the airplane and wait 45 minutes for the bag machine to start working. The (far too) Easy Jet staff casually wandered over after 40 minutes to tell us they didn't have enough staff to unload the plane. Lovely. On arriving at my hotel I notice that I'm not staying in the one across the road from me (the Savoy or something). Instead I'm in a relatively modern looking hotel. Up in the lift and now the hall ways look a little bit dated and worn but I'm still optimistic. Ah. The room. Why is it hotels look best from the lobby, drop a bit in the hallways with their dodgy wallpaper and carpet and then turn into a bland 1970s basic design in the room? Still, it's all I need and it gives me a chance to test out the panoramic function on my new camera (aka Sony Ericcson K800i phone). Pretty cool. [BTW that's not me watching The Simpsons. I've long since retired that dead horse for something that is entertaining and actually funny. It just started as I was play with my little toy]

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  1. It just started as I was play with my little toy

    Yeah, Marge is hot.