1 August 2006

Time to go Back to the T-Shirt Factory

And so it begins.  I think I can put away my "I do all my own stunts" t-shirt and instead bring out my "I’m a foreign mute amputee" t-shirt. This t-shirt was designed last year and under the main title it elaborates “I don’t understand English, I can’t speak and I have no hands”. The conclusion reads “So don’t bother me with your flyers!”. Interesting when I posted this last year I received a large number of people hitting my website having Googled for the term 'amputee'. I'm sure what they were expecting to find, nor do I understand the comment posted on the original story... A little bit freaky. On the subject of flyering however, during Andrew Lawrence's show this year he asked one guy what he did and the guy replied quite honestly: "I flyer for you". Great moment.

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