7 August 2006

Sarah Kendall

Two years ago Sarah was nominated for the Perrier Award (the first female to be nominated since Jenny Eclair won it in 1995 – Lily Savage doesn't count as a woman!). Last year she travelled and avoided the immediate pressure of a return show with all the due expectation. As she returns this year, was the wait worth it? Quite simply, no. The show was just an average run-of-the-mill stand up performance with only two big laughs, one five minutes from the beginning and the other six minutes from the end. In between was fifty minutes of mild smiling and a rare smirk. It was a pleasant hour of story telling from a likable flame-haired Australian, although like all performers she looks many times better on her poster than she does dressed down on stage. Three and a half stars out of five, not worth your time and money, unless you are really at a loose end and there are free tickets being handed out.

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