5 August 2006


Not a lot of people know that this South Korean group's native name translates as "House of Pain". Okay, maybe not. What I do know for certain is that Jump where won of the stars of last year's Festival. Didn't catch them? No, neither did I. The good news for us is that this is exactly the same show as they put on last year. As I sat there in my poor seat, I started devolving (yes, that's a valid word here) back in to my childhood self. Within the first five minutes they has quickly established each person's character through the perfectly pitched use of slapstick and the universal language of physical comedy. A cross between Gamarjobat (excellent show last year, playing again this year) and Caesar Twins with a underlying basis of a wide variety of martial arts training. The show is set around a day in the life of a family of three generations of martial arts experts. The comedy is interspersed occasionally with a dance/practise session with a weapon (assuming you count their bodies as a weapon) which is equally as impressive as the Caesar Twins, some people (such as me) would argue more so. As it builds to its crescendo we see then perform truly amazing feats including running up a 12-15 foot vertical wall! A guaranteed seventy five minutes of hilarity and amazement for a child of any age. My first full five stars of the Festival - you'd be mad to miss it.

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