25 August 2006

If Phil Nichol Doesn't Win Tomorrow We Riot!

Tonight a great crowd saw Phil Nichol blow people away. The show was the same as two weeks ago except for one small story ... that was cut! That's right, this show missed one piece of the story that we heard a few weeks ago but was off the chart; better than five stars! Despite using over half a dozen microphones he explained to us how an argument with his girlfriend turned into a racist, causes world wars and more importantly left him naked! That's right, Phil Nichol is literally The Naked Racist. And for this show he has lots of naked friends and several (male sadly) 'members' of the audience join his naked party, myself included! Here's me, clothed again, covered in Phil Nichol's sweat and telling him once again he is the best thing in the Festival and once again he deserves the Perrier / IF Comedies Award and he'll get it tomorrow night if there's any justice in the world. If not we all riot, agreed? I wonder if he'll get his little guitar out for the awards show?

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  1. I spent my entire highschool life (a generation ago) growing up with phil nichol. He was a genius then and it doesn't surprise me that he is considered anything less now. I would love to hear from him...if you can put him in contact with me I would be eternally greatful.