2 August 2006

How to Butcher Your Loved Ones by Andrew Lawrence

Now here is someone who has been around for a while and understands what needs to be completed before you arrive in Edinburgh. Andrew Lawrence's show was, from my perspective, totally finished and pretty well timed. The other difference between this show and Michael McIntyre's is that I only left with one genuinely funny joke in my head. Let's go back to the beginning. Andrew starts the show claiming he has a problem with his windpipe and when he goes on stage it tightens and so sounds like a cross between Bobcat Goldthwait and Orville the Duck. The humour in his show is heavily reliant on laughing at performance, shock and impressive feats rather than bona fide jokes. Allow me to explain a little bit. On many occasions Andrew would throw around six adjectives in a row or reel off 45 second long sentences with such ludicrous content you can't help but giggle and sit wide-eyed in amazement. Now that might be a good form of entertainment but it's not the traditional stand up show, nor are his jokes very amusing. Most are incredibly poorly disguised and you can see the punchline coming, however when he does deliver them in his high pitched voice and leaps up in the air then you did still smile. The pair of women sitting next to me where the type that laughed at every instance of a full stop, no matter whether there was a joke there or not. I hate that behaviour and while if adds to an atmosphere I think it ruins my enjoyment – we are not in Jongleurs now, where everyone is slaughtered and is laughing for no reason, we've come to see an artist perform. Overall I'd have to give Andrew 3.5 out of 5 mostly for the detail in the act and his actual performance, but personally I wouldn't recommend nor will I watch him next year.

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