5 August 2006

The Civilians - (I Am) Nobody's Lunch

During the "Shock and Awe" era, the group behind this show did hundreds of vox-pop interviews on everything from "How do you know what you know?" to "Can you believe the News or Governments?" and incorporating "Is Tom Cruise gay?". From the special introduction at the start of the play to explain a few things you get a really good feeling. That was disrupted in my case as there was an unattended bag left in the room and it caused all sorts of mayhem. For the cast that is, it's all part of their elaborately clever weaving of story, interviews and musical numbers. The New York Times describes it as "A vaudevillian romp through the anxious chatter of contemporary America" and who I am to argue with them. I'm Phill Gillespie as it happens and I can argue with who I like, however they have got it spot on - they only forgot to mention how many stars it gets. The answer, if you can believe what you read of course, is a thoroughly enjoyable and top rated five stars together with an endorsement from me for any intelligent thinker to go and enjoy it, it's worth every penny!

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