4 August 2006

Caesar Twins

Two pale, blond, short but muscle-bound athletes stand half naked at the front of the stage. Pierre (the one with the tattoo around his right arm) introduces himself, mostly to the ladies. His brother Pablo then takes the mike and does likewise. What we don't find out until a lot later is that four years ago Pablo fell 16 feet from the top of the moving Wheel of Death whilst performing for a circus in Germany and is lucky to be alive. He awoke from his coma after several days and was paralysed down his right side. Four and a half months later the twins open their first 'solo' show. The show is basically various ways of expressing their physical and gymnastic abilities whilst amusing, stunning and confusing the audience. Alongside the twins we have a semi naked female singer who is partially a contortionist (her shoulders only, calm down gentlemen) oft accompanied by a very soulful male saxophonist.

The show ranges from jumping to flipping, balancing to fighting, flying on cables to back-flipping into a small pool of water and a lot more. If you want a semi serious and always sexual (male and female participants) show then I would pick this over Jump. Make sure you turn up early to get a good central seat and be prepared to do a lot of clapping (not just because they are good, but the standard response is to applaud each feat much as you would laugh at a comic). Even at full price they are worth seeing, although you may not appreciate it fully during the performance as you will often be sitting their memorised and stunned. Four stars out of five and another "go see" badge awarded tonight.

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