3 July 2006

Shall We Go to the The-a-tre Darling? Splendid.

I've decided to add a few "plays" to my schedule for this year's Festival, in addition to the usual line up of good comedy and shocking bad films blatantly lied about by the Film Festival website. Don't forget Stewart Lee's Talk Radio is highly rated and is quite comical, hence the reason it is listed in my original comedy posting. First off we have True West starring none other than last year's Stage Best Actor, Phil Nichol. This will be the third time I'll be seeing him in the Festival! The play is Pulitzer Prize winner Sam Shepard's dark and savage story of sibling rivalry. It also stars Tom Stade and stand up Dave Johns. (I Am) Nobody's Lunch is a docu-musical about trusting the media, the government and even ourselves. This borderline cabaret show has been getting great reviews from the US (where the piece is set) as it asks funny and troubling questions about how much we really know in our information age. I'm going to conclude with the Alan Rickman's harrowing production of My Name Is Rachel Corrie. Based on the real life diaries of a 23 year old American woman who left her comfortable life to stand between a bulldozer and a Palestinian home. It was a total sell-out during its recent West End season and was cancelled by the New York Theatre for fear of inciting violence.

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