19 July 2006

RBS Cancels Hogmanay; Suggests It Should Get a Loan Instead

The Royal Bank of Scotland, yes the same one recently hammered by BBC One's Panorama when it ran the story of *two* debt-related suicides of discrete RBS customers, has scrapped yet more of the free donations it gives away. This time the unlucky victim is the once-mighty, now weak enough to be blown over by a big bad wolf, Edinburgh Hogmanay Street Party. RBS paid £300k each year to sponsor the event for the past six years, and less than one month after the organisers took the bold and unbelievably late decision to sell alcohol during the event, RBS pulls out. It was once mighty and had half a million revellers partying the night away but the past few years it has been little more than a damp squib. Only 100,000 tickets go out now and each year the area gets smaller and smaller. Two years ago they introduced an "admin charge" of £1.50 per "free" ticket and you had to go and collect the tickets - they weren't even posted out! I wonder how they are now going to cover their costs of £300,000 so 100,000 people can get free tickets? If only there was some around charging for the tickets themselves as they must stay free. Mind you, the cost of admin staff has shot up recently, I wouldn't be surprised if they had to raise the admin fee they "reluctantly" levy to I don't know, a fiver a head. Hmmm, that would mean there would be 50p per person spare, that's £50k - I've just had a brilliant money making idea! I'm off before Edinburgh Council beat me to it!

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