29 July 2006

One Week Left – Can They Fix It In Time?

We wandered out today to the Mardi Gras in the Grassmarket. This is the part of the Jazz Festival where they transform the Grassmarket into New Orleans for the afternoon; fortunately it didn't rain otherwise we'd have been awash with poor taste jokes. It wasn't that great to be fair, they really need to close off the entire Grassmarket, road included, in order to provide enough space for all the visitors. If you want to see what I mean take a look here. Anyway, we wandered around one of our old stomping grounds we took a sneak peak at the Royal Mile as in seven days time it will be absolutely mobbed by tourists and performers and everyman and his dog. I was quite surprised to see that the Royal Mile is currently a building site! Most of the old cobbles have been replaced by tarmac – I hope they will be restored after the Festival. It's strange the way roadworks happen around the Royal Mile. They dig down and alter the foundations and then fill it all in temporarily for the Festival, dig it back up in September and then have to finish for Hogmanay! See for yourself and guess whether they can tidy it all up in the next seven days.

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