18 July 2006

Official - The Scotsman is a Tabloid, No Longer a Broadsheet!

I can exclusively reveal that, several months after switching to its more compact format, i.e. tabloid, The Scotsman newspaper has completed the transition to tabloid. On the front cover of today's paper it has run the story about George Muppet Bush and his ridiculous conversation with a live mike on and duly censored the word "shit". No shock there as you want to protect little boys from that sort of language when they go in their local newsagents to complete their under-age cigarette purchases and legally buy their soft core porn mags, e.g. Loaded and Maxim. Inside on page four it repeated the headline but kept the three asterisks. This means it thinks that the normal reader will be offended by the word 'shit' and/or too stupid to work out what 's***' actually means. About 14 years ago a talented writer by the name of Phillip Gillespie once wrote a comparison between broadsheets and tabloids. Why? Because his English teacher told him to. One of the key conclusions he came to was that the broadsheets respected their audience and did not patronise them. The Mirror in fact used the word "s***" when quoting someone yet inside The Guardian the happily quoted "pissed" in full in a normal piece related to the entertainment industry. Nobody flinched, no children broke out in a rash of copy cat incidents and no old ladies died of shock. I therefore give you conclusive proof that The Scotsman is now the Scottish equivalent of the Daily Mail or Express - quite far removed from the broadsheet that it once was.

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