17 July 2006

I Never Will Understand Humans Especially In The Summer...

This weekend I got slight sunburn by being out in the sun (and also being raised 100 feet plus in the air!), yet two of my colleagues were out of the UK on holiday. I also know of two other lots of people who have gone abroad to get lovely summer weather. Sorry did I type that right? During the hottest two months of the year in the UK, people leave the UK in search of warmer weather? Why not holiday in May and September when it is decidedly cooler and enjoy what good British summer weather we have? In fact more fool anyone heading to the south of Spain as it is hotter here than there! It is projected to hit 34°C in Liverpool tomorrow and then the same in Edinburgh on Wednesday - the highest the south of Spain is predicted to hit is a measly 27°C. A very famous Vulcan (you know, someone from the planet between Mercury and the Sun) once said "I never will understand humans" and I concur.

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