15 July 2006

Faster Than a Flying Monkey ... It's Daredevil Phill!

I've oft thought that alongside genius comes insanity. That could be the only explanation why a young member of Mensa (lapsed admittedly) would want to jump off a crane raised *over* 100 feet in the air. Ah, I've though of a better one! To raise £250 for the British Heart Foundation. Now for the short version: The organisers screwed up and never filled in the appropriate forms to let this take place in Princes Street so the moved it to Johnston Terrace. To make up for the fact JT goes uphill they will raise the crane even higher - ??? nobody asked them to make it even higher and I fail to see how that's making it up to anyone! We got the harnesses strapped around us and the guy fitting me said, "Have we got an extra-extra large?". He couldn't find one and so said, "Ah I'm sure you'll be fine". WTF! I want you to put *your* life on the fact that I'm certain to be okay! The group before me came down from the wobbly basket and there was a girl still in there - she just couldn't jump from the basket. We went up and a very brave guy called James wanted to go first. I jump in after him and grabbed the next spot. As we were hiked up the basket toppled badly over on our side, not surprising as there were five of us on the right and only one instructor on the left. After that scare we were up in the air and give the in-depth training, "Walk near the ledge, crouch down and then jump". Gulp. I get as low as possible as I'm quite tall, everyone else had to stand on tip-toes to get hooked up to the wire. James went flying down first and all of the sudden it's my turn to step forward. Weeeeeeeeeeeee! This is cool and not as adrenaline inducing as I first feared. Grab back on to the rope as I'm about to hit two guys who are going to try to stop me. Now all I have to do is not get hit on the head as I get un-strapped and climb down the ladder to a hero's welcome.


  1. it's 'a young member'

  2. > why an young member of Mensa

    Eek! I was going to write "an intelligent person" but then thought of shamelessly dropping in the Mensa reference. Can I make you official proof reader Wiley?