24 July 2006

The Edinburgh Evening News is Written By Boy Racers

Shocking revelation isn't it? That's the only way I could possibly explain today's lead story: "Overtaking ban plan for bypass solo motorists. LONE motorists face being banned from the fast lane of the city bypass under council plans to introduce car-sharing lanes." Where exactly can I find this "fast lane"? My understanding of the Highway Code, specifically section 238, is that you are to drive in the left hand lane at all times unless you are over-taking other drivers. There is no such thing as a slow land or fast lane and in fact that shows such total disregard for safety and the rules of the road, I was told my my driving instructor (who actually trains other driving instructors), that is you mention the "fast lane" you will fail your test instantly on the grounds of being un-safe. All this within a week of the dramatic revelation that its sister paper, The Scotsman, is in fact a tabloid and no longer a broadsheet.

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