4 July 2006

AIDS - The New Way to Stay Strong!

Do you know what the abbreviated version of the pronoun Adrian is (as in Adrian Edmonson)? It's Ade. Are you aware of the heavy metal and US approach of adding a 'z' to a word to make it plural and cool? Think Bluez or even Gunz. Finally how do you pronounce Des? The same as Dez. Having deduced all that there is only one conclusion to make as how an English speaker would pronounce 'adez' - AIDS. Now imagine if you will that a new fruit juice was being launched , what do you think would be the last name in the world you would call it? Let me introduce Adez - A brand new way to stay strong! *Somebody* in the marketing department must surely have said to them "erm, you know it's a homonym of AIDS don't you?". Just think back to America Dad, episode 14 entitled "Finances with Wolves" (and if you haven't seen it shame on you, go rent it or buy it now!). A sign above a kiosk reading "AIDS HOTCAKES". The assistant says to the stereotypical Irishman "why's no one buying your cakes Mr. Aids?". "Because I'm Irish" he replies.


  1. Curiously, this isn't a case of marketing gone mad:

    From dictionary.com -

    A sweetened beverage of: limeade.
    [Middle English, from Old French, ultimately from Latin -ta, feminine of -tus, -ate. See -ate1.]


    n : a sweetened beverage of diluted fruit juice [syn: fruit drink]

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