18 June 2006

The World Cup Not In High Definition, In Matrix Vision!

Some people are sadly working during the World Cup games. The BBC offer several matches streaming from their website. They also claim that to receive them you have to have paid your licence fee. Hmm. I'm not receiving any signals on my PC by using a RF tuner, I'm simply downloading data. I would say that you do *not* need a licence fee to watch these transmissions. Of course, that only applies to UK residents who don't already have a TV as they need to pay the licence fee that way. If you were so scared by the BBC's threats is there anything else you could do? Yes there is and there are more people in the same boat as you. Imagine if you will you that you are a real computer programmer or geek, i.e. you don't use Windows. What if you've just buggered X or what if the server you have doesn't even have X installed? These two groups of people could then watch the World Cup in what can only be described as Matrix Vision. Simply type "telnet diego.ascii-wm.net 2006" or "telnet ascii-wm.net 2006" during a live game and watch the transmission absolutely live. To go interactive you have to take the red pill, otherwise take the blue pill.

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