11 June 2006

Wigan Will Stay Up, Place Your Bets On It Now!

Wigan Warriors are slumped sadly at the bottom of Super League with a measly four points, six points adrift of Les Catalan Dragons and they are immune from relegation! Fortunately, Wakefield Wildcats are also on ten points and with only two points for a win it looks bad for Wigan. However two okay matches against St Helens and Leeds seem to show Wigan are on the verge of turning the corner. If you look at the next four games for Wakefield it would be nearly a miracle if the got anything from them: Warrington (A), Leeds (A), St Helens (H) and the crunch match away at Wigan. Contrast this to Wigan's run of Catalan Dragons (H), Warrington (H), Harlequins (A) and then of course Wakefield (H). When the hooter goes at about 9:45 on Friday 7th July I confidently predict Wigan will be off the bottom of the table. Will it be Catalan or Wakefield who finish bottom? I can't be sure but I might be willing to gamble a few quid on both them right now as Paddy Power has them in at roughly 3 to 1.

UPDATE: No sooner had I typed these words, then the legend Kris Radlinkski makes his decision to come out of retirement to make sure Wigan avoid relegation! This may cause further long term damage to his knee but he's willing to sacrifice it to protect a club that has given him everything. Not just that but he is doing it for free, he has expressly said he does not want paying (which is good because Wigan have used up all their salary cap). What's next, Andy Farrell to recover from injury and switch codes back to Wigan?

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