19 June 2006

What The Hell I Have Done? A Death Slide Doesn't Sound Too Safe...

Why did I click through those pages? Didn't I remember what curiosity did to the cat? I have now made a donation to the British Heart Foundation and agreed to try to raise a minimum of £100 for their excellent cause in the next four weeks. That's the very good part of what I've done. Oh yeah, I also have to be lifted up 100' in a rickety old crane and then jump off it and plummet to the ground for 170m on what is commonly known as a death slide. :-(

If you believe the British Heart Foundation is a worthwhile charity, or if you believe what I'm doing is dangerous enough to warrant a donation made to my charity of choice, then please follow the link and made a handsome deposit to try to prevent the biggest killer in Britain (that's heart disease & attacks, not death slides). Pictures and a report will of course be posted on the evening of Saturday 15th July.


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