21 June 2006

Well I've Just Come Down, from Stirling Town...

...And I had some fun, on the underground. The ladies turned their heads around, saying "Phillip where are your trousers?"

Well well well well. It seems, after years of being teased for being English and wearing a kilt, I am in fact Scottish. I'd previously used the Spatial Literacy website to analyse the data from the 1881 Cenus. That showed that almost all the Gillespies were living in Scotland, with the highest density around Stirling. They've since fixed the 1998 data and you can see while a few have moved down to England, the vast majority are still in Scotland; outsourcing their genes further across the country. There is a small pocket in the North West of England (yay!) and a few near Wales and London. I can now proudly wear my Macpherson tartan and call this land my home.

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