16 June 2006

Labour Sucession Scrapped as British Nazis Revolt

It seems England is a nation of xenophobic nazis. Well something like that anyway. Blair has apparently put more concrete plans down as far as his exit as PM goes, he's not going to do anything stupid like wait for Iraq to settle down. The problem is that it turns that Gordon Brown, the only person allowed to become the next PM, screw democracy we have a ten year old deal, would cause a riot in the streets of England if he was given the job. An ICM poll last month showed that 55% of English people thought it was wrong to have a Scottish PM. Alex Salmond, leader again of the Scottish National Party (rename yourselves for God's sake!), got it right when he said it was bad news for Labour. "It means the current prime minister is deeply unpopular in Scotland while the future prime minister is unacceptable in England". Quite accurate, however Labour dispute this essentially saying 'Screw you, Gordon is still becoming the PM before the next election whether you like it or not'. The official words were "The people of Britain will pick the next prime minister based on his ability to deliver a strong and stable economy...", which would need some form of Chancellor... Just to pick up on that statement if as expected, Tony finally does the decent thing and leaves before the next election the the people of Britain will *not* pick the next PM, the Labour MPs will, just like the Conservative MPs selected John Major to be Prime Minister first time around. Finally, where does that leave the other parties? Does this make Dave Cameron a shoe-in to win the next election? Will the SNP and BNP start playing the race card? The SNP would plausibly use the argument that the best Scottish MP should be in Scotland, not England, full independence now! The BNP (the bad ones) may also use the line 'English PM for English government' although it's a lot less likely. Will the new breed of conservatives use a similar tract? They did get a higher percentage of the votes in England in the last election. This leads me nicely on to my connected thought (coming next week)...

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