13 June 2006

English Football Hooligans Don't Need to be in Germnay...

Having seen the government confiscated 2,000 people's passports to prevent them from flying to Germany, the BBC then score a *massive* own goal, harming any future bid for the World Cup. I know what you are thinking. Surely it can't be the UK Home Office that confiscated the passports, the same one that seems to be so inept they couldn't organise a piss-up in a brewery (something I can very proudly say I have done by the way)? It seems so, there must one or two competent people working there. I digress, back to the BBC. In several cities they have installed huge screens to broadcast the England's games on. In the very respectable area of Canary Wharf there was massive fighting with 16 arrests and at the top of Liverpool's busiest shopping street two people were arrest. It is mind-blowing stupidity from the BBC. The games are all on terrestrial TV and for some reason they decide to create nine mini football stadiums around the country that you don't need tickets to attend and there are no security preventing bottles or anything else being brought in to the area and thrown. Canary Wharf will now be used for tennis, there are no plans for what to do with the Liverpool screen (and if anyone posts a comment saying they can use it broadcast pictures from Crime Watch I'll personally give them a slap). The only thing this really proved is the "barbaric" Scots are far more civilised than the English - there wasn't a single arrest or any trouble there, it's as if they didn't care it was happening.

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