12 June 2006

Ed Fringe In Meltdown Non-Shocker!

Exactly the same as last year - very sad. Tickets went on sale over the internet at 10am, the box office opened at 12pm. After two and a half hours trying to book via the web, and being phenomenally patient, I failed. All I tried to do was click Book Tickets, then select the number or tickets, then Add to Basket. I had three attempts per show (about 20 shows) and each time in finally returned an error. It took approximately 50 minutes each time to get from Book Tickets to Error. :-( Then, forty minutes after the box office opened and twenty minutes after their phone lines collapsed (I'm sorry but the number you are dialling is currently out of order), I got through to a human being. All times were literally the same as what happened last year, including the phone lines going unreachable. Does this mean they simply haven't learnt from their past mistakes? Why not make tickets go on sale at 4am and thereby heavily reduce the initial rush? Of course, I'm happy now, I have all time tickets *except* for Mark Thomas :-( I have a very cunning plan for that one-night-only show. Until the Film Festival tickets go on sale and I go through the same disaster again, I will sit smugly knowing my festival shopping is done (and a damn sight harder it is that Christmas)!

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