8 June 2006

Cinema: It's The Experience That Counts (Against It)

Pirated DVDs won't be the only place to see X-Men: The Last Stand this summer. Some people will chose to watch on a much bigger screen and pay over the cost of the DVD for one showing. The sound levels will be beyond their control and the dialogue will be continually interrupted by the stupid female students to the left of me chatting or the bloody Americans behind me chomping popcorn with their mouth open and trying to remember the name of the actor that plays Frasier. What's more should nature call suddenly, nobody will pause the film so you can go to the bathroom. You'll have to walk past whoever is making a recording of the film. You won't even be able to fast forward through the final credits to catch the very final scene. Cinema: Last night's experienced sucked. No match for the privacy of DVDs.

1 comment:

  1. You have just missed the whole magic of the cinema.....

    It's just a big nostalgic, glittering, loud, popcorn crunching, random chattering showcase funball of entertainment. Except I agree it is bloody expensive these days!