1 June 2006

Biological Wonders: My Two Left Arms and The Girl Who Never Died

Two very unusual and interesting stories have come out in the last two days. Firstly we have the young Chinese boy who was born with three arms, two of them left. It seems one is under-developed and the bigger one has no palm. When either of his left arms are touched he cries. Doctors have now removed the smaller arm but I would have left him with all three, especially as neither of them seem to be full functional. He would have been an expert shoplifter or pick-pocket! In even grimmer news it seems the parents of a young woman comatosed from a car crash have had a bit of a shock - she's not their daughter. They've been looking after her for two weeks and when she finally woke up she revealed she was a similar (but far from identical) looking girl. Doctors then realised the error and told the parents that their daughter is actually six feet under the ground with someone else's headstone on top. Needless to say the other family a elated, but call me cynical if you like, I have to expect a dual lawsuit some point soon.

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