14 June 2006

All Official World Cup Footballers Should Be Drunk and Fat

Budweiser (that American pale lager) is proud to sponsor the World Cup in Germany - no authentic beers here! McDonalds are also also proud to sponsor the FIFA World Cup 2006. What rubbish! If I had enough money does that mean I can make foot cancer the "official" cancer of the World Cup? If Budweiser and McDonald's want to sponsor the World Cup, Premiership or East of Scotland Sunday League then they should be forced to adhere to new guidelines. To be the "official" partner (or even just casual date) of any event that product should be used during the tournament - and not just by the fans. Before taking to the pitch for each half the players should be forced to scoff a Big Mac and then 'neck' a Bud. They'd soon ditch having "official" things that are detrimental to anyone. Then again some players may like gorging themselves on burgers before the game. Please insert your own joke about Wayne Rooney or Ronaldo here.

Update: It seems when PhillG.com speaks, the world listens and then reacts. Two days after this story was written public health doctors writing in the Lancet has questioned the inclusion of companies such as (specifically) McDonald's or Budweiser.

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