15 May 2006

Would You Love Me Any Less, If I Was Black?

Not one to shy away from shocking headlines am I? Having played around with a cool web tool from St Andrew's University (the second best university in Scotland, after Edinburgh!) I complied a collection of alternative Phills. These are like my the main banner, simply achieved with The Gimp. These pictures are truly amazing! So here we go...
Will I still be as gorgeous when I'm collecting my pension? Would I make a good looking woman (we already know the answer to that!)? Would I be able to eat spicier foods if I was from India? Would I learn Japanese quicker if I was oriental? Would I be a better footballer if I grew up in Rio? Would I look any better if I was made into a Greek masterpiece? Would I kick arse if I was a Manga hero? Finally, would I be any cheekier if I was literally a monkey (technically that's a chimp but I'm not fond of tea)?

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