30 May 2006

Where Did You Go on Holiday? Kos. I Said Where Not Why...

Very sparse posting over the past two weeks as I was sunning it up in Kos. First of from my gallery you'll notice that while I was happy to take pictures of the military airport in Taba, Egypt, I wasn't stupid enough to do that in Kos! The hotel was fantastic, everything a 5* should be. They have a dress code for dinner and it's so well enforce that the mosquitoes can't get in. The local draught soft drinks tasted watered down it was akin to going from decaf to espresso on my return! The whole island is very peaceful and pretty, although for such a sunny island I can't understand why they have three shops that just sell umbrellas! Maybe it's a front for something... The food was fantastic, eating out we had some of the best kebabs we've every had. The weirdest two things were 1. You couldn't flush the toilet paper (is this because it was the Romans who invented toilets?) and 2. The languages actually sounds incredibly like Spanish at times. A great holiday with a wonderful island that I would recommend to anyone.

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