3 May 2006

Oi Carol! Nooooo! Stop Selling Secured Loans Now.

Martin Lewis, the UK's only Money Saving Expert, has finally launched his petition to try to get much loved mathmetician Carol Voderman to *stop* doing adverts for secured loans. It actually launches tomorrow but I very passionately agree with this cause, replacing credit cards with secured loans can result in people losing their homes or paying far more back due to the higher interest rates (than remortgages for example). I was disgusted the first time I saw her new set of adverts, plucking clouds out of the sky as if it were every day that someone put their house down to borrow £25,000 over another 25 years and end up paying back over £30,000 in pure interest. Shame on you Carol. If you want to stop, sign his petition and tell as many UK residents as you can find that have an email address to do the same. Out of interest I was signature number 256, which is very cool if you are into the powers of two.