3 May 2006

Insider Betting: England to Win the World Cup!

As England's odds lengthen thanks to Wayne Rooney having no working toes (judging by his intelligence you'd have guessed he would have had extra toes), stick a fiver on England to win it. Playing 4-4-1-1 with King or Carrick as a holding midfielder and then in the free role supporting the loan striker you play the PFA Player of the Year, the captain of the current Champions of Europe, the man who has scored two more goals that Rooney this year and according to a Mr. A Regent of Dunfermline "the best passer/crosser England has". What more could you want, four players in one! Do I need to say it's Steven Gerrard? Playing him as a holding midfielder ruins our best player and as for Alan Hansen's idea today "play Cole upfront and Gerrard on the left" - WTF! I think the exertion of beating Everton in the '86 FA Cup Final replay has left his brain starved of oxygen. Go on, what are you waiting for? I'm the one who guaranteed Liverpool will lift the FA Cup next Saturday...


  1. I like it! Let's stick King in the holding role (cos let's be honest, Carrick can't really tackle can he?) and just let Steven Gerrard do everything else. He's only played 60-or-so games this season so he should be fresh as a daisy. Seriously though, I reckon it's the best idea you've had since that sex op.

  2. You do have a great idea, I'll give you that. Gerard must be the most talented player England have today so why not put him in a more up front role. Yes so they want to bring Roooooooney back for the final but lets face it, they are not going to make it that far so who cares....
    I say good luck to England but lets get serious, they are still going to be talking about 66 for a long time yet.....

  3. It looks like Sven agrees with me! He has only named four strikers in his squad: Rooney (out), Owen, Crouch and Theo Wallcott! I would say that suggests he is going to play an attacking midfielder off Owen rather than a second striker. Yesterday Gerrard himself came out in the Independent and said that he has only played 45 minutes for England in his best position and literally begged Sven to play him off the front man.