8 May 2006

Either She's Desperate or He's A God!

Out walking along Princes Street I see a sign on a pedestrian crossing. It reads: "Graham / Graeme. I'm the French girl you met at UFRESH at the VENUE last Saturday (25/03) but I couldn't get your number before you disappeared... If you want to meet me again you can call me on 07910 141 xxx". Several things spring to mind, after I finished laughing. Firstly, she is desperate or ultra-naive as regards advertising on posts. Secondly, if he "disappeared" before you could get his number I'm guessing he didn't want you to have his number. Thirdly, maybe you now regret advertising your mobile number all over the place. Finally, and this is the most interesting of all, this is actually a really clever marketing company advertising a dating service to single men (called Graham). Sadly this was disproved the day I called her and got a French sounding girl's voicemail. We are going out this Thursday ;-)